Getting Started

Welcome to WPDevHub, the free resource site providing help and assistance to the thousands of WordPress community developers and administrators.

Getting Started

We started WPDevHub with a simple goal:  Create tutorials, code samples and other aids to make WordPress 3rd party development easier, faster and more performant.  We believe strongly that when we help each other – we all lift each other up creating better online experiences for everyone.

What you will find here:

The offerings found at WPDevHub are created and submitted by real WordPress community developers and administrators — for real WordPress community developers and administrators.

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions?

  • How do I setup and run a WordPress website?
  • How do I write a custom Plugin or Theme?
  • How do I fix {____} error in WordPress?
  • How can I make my WordPress website faster/better/safer?
  • Which of the following community plugins or themes should I use?

Content on WPDevHub is 100% free.  Soak in as much knowledge as you can.

Where to start?

What do you want to do first?  Here are some suggested areas you might want to explore to get the most out the WpDevHub resources

Thank you for visiting WPDevHub.  We are excited to build great things together.