How does the cooldown work on submitting forum thread comments

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Having trouble understanding how the forum comments and thread cooldown settings work. Thanks.

Hi and thank you for submitting your question.

The forum comment and thread cooldown settings work to provide a spam control element so that users do not over-submit content within a short period of time.  Note: This feature only applies to the volume of individual submissions and is not related to spam control based upon links, etc.

If you decide to use this feature, you can use the default settings provided with installation.  You can also choose to ignore this feature by setting both values to 0.

To set a custom value, first decide how long of a period you want to evaluate.  We recommend a short period, something like 2-5 minutes.  Then specify a maximum number of submissions that you want to allow a single user to process within that timeframe.

Support Forums - Submission Throttling

In the example above we are using a 2 minute period and only allowing a max of 5 submission within that period.

Individual site needs may vary.  For example, if this was deployed as a paid question and answer service to your customers, you may decide to limit the number of questions that can be asked every 24 hours, etc.

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