WordPress - Custom Post Rewrites vs ShortCodes

Photo Albums Plugin – Custom Post ReWrites vs ShortCodes

In the Photo Albums plugin you have two principle options for displaying and presenting your photo albums.  In this post we want to explain their differences so that you can utilize the plugin in the most meaningful manner.

Custom Post Rewrites

By default all photo albums utilize the built in WordPress Custom Post Types to save unique database entries representing each photo album.  This allows us to utilize many of the WordPress built in features such as the editors, administration pages and even front end display mechanisms.

Custom post types in WordPress also come with built in rewrite rules that create unique permalinks for each entry according to your sites permalink rule sets.  When you create a new Photo Album through the plugin, a new publicly visible page will be made available to visitors of your site showcasing the photo album.

You can visit the settings page to control the base path used for the Photo Albums plugin.  use any base text you want, just be sure that it will not cause conflicts with other settings or data on your site.  For example, you might want to avoid common keywords such as category, tag, blog, post, etc as those may be used elsewhere within your WordPress site.


If you wanted to include an existing photo album into an existing post or page, functionality for that is included as well.  To accomplish that you can use the built in shortcode feature to access a particular photo album.  This shortcode can then be included in any page or post as you see fit.


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