Quick Quizzes WordPress Plugin Updates

New settings added to the Quick Quizzes plugin

It is exciting to announce that we have added new functionality and settings to the Quick Quizzes plugin.

Purge Results

When your users complete a quiz, the results are stored in a separate table.  This allows you to review the results at a later period of time and see how users are performing against your quiz.

Over time, this table could get very large with result data.  A new settings option allows you to set a threshold for how long results should stay in the database.

Quick Quizzes - Days to Keep Results

Simply set this value to a reasonable number of days to keep results in the database.  Values of 30, 90 or 365 will be typical, although exact values depends on your individual use.

Scoring Unanswered Questions

Depending on the style of quiz you are creating, you may want to allow users to “SKIP” your quiz questions without penalty in the scoring algorithm.  A new setting has been added to allow you to accomplish this.

Quick Quizzes - Score Unanswered Questions

If you select this option, the final score will be calculated including any unanswered questions.  Which means each unanswered question will be marked as incorrect.

If you do not select this option, the final score will be calculated ignoring any unanswered questions.  Which means unanswered questions will not be marked as incorrect for scoring – but rather just skipped.   Note – unanswered questions will still be shown as unanswered on the final results display.

Custom Post Rewrites

The Quick Quizzes plugin currently has the ability to display quizzes in two different formats.

  • Shortcode.  Use the provided shortcode and insert a Quiz into any page, post, etc.
  • Post Rewrite.  Use the built in WordPress rewrite structures to display each quiz off it’s own unique URL.

A recently added control setting allows you to adjust the base URL for this rewrite structure.  In addition a boolean setting is also provided to turn off the rewrite structure all together.

Quick Quizzes - Post Rewrite Rules

If you enable “Custom Post Rewriting” then each quiz will have a dedicated public facing page created for it using standard WordPress rewriting rules.  This also means virtual pages for custom Categories and Tags will also be created as well as a standard Archive style page listing out all available quizzes.

If you disable “Custom Post Rewriting” then each quiz will be hidden by default from public view.  This means that quizzes will only be shown to users when included via shortcodes.  Categories, Tag and Archive list pages will all be hidden.  Note: since Categories and Tags will now be hidden, this also means that the Categories and Tags meta boxes will be removed from the administration pages.

This setting is provided to help you customize how you want to display and use your quiz data.  Your quizzes can be used as standalone post objects, or included as an addition to already created posts and pages.


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